I build stuff and I try to make it available to as many people as possible. For free.

  • Custom 404 Pro A WordPress plugin that allows you to replace the default 404 page with a custom page. It can be one of the pages under the Pages section or a completely different URL. All 404s can be logged and can be exported if needed. Read more about it or download.
  • jquery.peekABar A jQuery notification bar plugin that does the job. Put it on the top or the bottom. Style it however you want, animate it, the works. Take a look.
  • jquery.ghostfm A fan of last.fm? Use this to showcase your listening history. Are you a minimalist? There's a mini widget for you too. Check it out.

I tinker around. When I see stuff on the internet that's challenging, I try to re-create it. This contains demos, experimental stuff, and things that I may or may not complete in the future.

  • MailChimp signup form This is how signup forms should be. Especially the password section. I try to re-create it here.
  • Clipboard Demo Demos to copy input/paragraph elements to the Clipboard. No library required.
  • YouTube Jukebox Subscribed to a lot of channels? Want a way to watch the important ones first? Quickly add them to a jukebox, sit back and relax.
  • AdStomp I hate ads. But that's how most free content is offered on the Internet. AdStomp helps you with that without triggering adblock warnings.
  • Node.js file upload The basic stuff. Upload a file and get percentage updates. No demo but here's the project.