I'm a frontend developer at ScaleGrid, where we build tools that allow users to configure their database clusters.

I love Open Source and writing about the things I build.

My primary job is to make the web fast by using JavaScript responsibly.

Currently looking for frontend or full-stack opportunities in Vancouver/Toronto. Schedule a quick 15-minute intro call

Open Source

  • react-twitter - Twitter's JavaScript Widgets as React components
  • IMDb API - An IMDb scraper built on Node.js with an extensive API to fetch titles and watchlists
  • vue-imdb - A Vue.js component using the previous IMDb API service to render a user's watchlist
  • encrypt0r - An Electron app to encrypt/decrypt your files by setting a passphrase
  • Custom 404 Pro - A WordPress plugin (with over 80,000+ installs) that allows you to replace the default 404 page with a custom page.

Latest Posts

Demos & Experiments

  • HighCharts to PDF - A fiddle on how to export multiple graphs in Highcharts to a PDF using jsPDF.
  • MailChimp Signup Form - Interactive registration form to enable users to signup easily.
  • Clipboard Demo - Demos to copy input/paragraph elements to the Clipboard using native browser APIs
  • YouTube Jukebox - A temporary sidebar playlist to quickly add videos to from YouTube, kinda like a jukebox.
  • AdStomp - A Chrome Extension to block ads on news-reading websites. Also integrates a custom reader mode.