Browse YouTube like a boss

Disclaimer: This extension does not work with the latest YouTube layout. I plan on updating the Chrome Extension soon.

YouTube is great. I use it all the time to learn, relax, listen to music and probably have a laugh or two. So I built a Chrome Extension that is a lighter version of YouTube Playlists.

It adds two things to

As soon as you activate the extension, you’ll see an “Add to Jukebox” button next to every video on YouTube.

Add to Jukebox Button

Just click on it and the video will be automatically added to the Jukebox sidebar. You can continue adding more videos or just browse YouTube while the video keeps playing in the sidebar.

YouTube Jukebox Sidebar

Videos are saved so even if you refresh the page, they will still be visible in the list unless you explicitly delete them. Each video gets a play button, trash and repeat button. When you click on the video, it starts playing and the status is denoted by a green line next to the video.

You can find the Add to Jukebox button on indvidual videos, search results, your YouTube home page and many more. It’s everywhere.

YouTube Jukebox Single Video

YouTube Jukebox Search Results

YouTube Jukebox Home Page


It’s free and you can download it here


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