I mumble, occasionally.

So. You'd like to know who you're working with. Fair enough.

My name is Kunal Nagar and I'm a Front-end Web Developer based in (out of?) Bangalore. I like building great experiences for users on the web. I was introduced to the world of programming via Logo and QBasic and enjoyed it so much that I decided to make a career out of it.

After my graduation from Pune Institute of Computer Technology , I was introduced to Apex Salesforce and worked on it for a year in Jaipur. I then decided to do my Masters from BITS Dubai where I got the opportunity to work on the college Intranet Projects using PHP. I loved PHP so much that I came back to Jaipur and worked Freelance for 2 years that introduced me to the entire stack of Web Development (Backend + Frontend). From here, I branched out to using WordPress, CakePHP, Codeigniter and Laravel.

In 2015, I got an offer to work for a Social Media Startup called Viraltag . I gave interviews for both positions (Front-End and Back-End) and in the end I decided to go Front-End full-time. I think it's working with IE8 and less that makes it more fun.

I currently work at ScaleGrid Inc. that allows you to host MongoDB , Redis , MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.